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About Us

Community Action For Social Transformation (CAST) a development support organization founded in 1984, operates primarily for the socio economic development of marginalized and under privileged.

CAST aims to improve the living conditions of the rural communities by building competencies and facilitating linkage with main stream resources, Govt. institutions and other services.

This is achieved through an empowering process by building community based organizations, motivation and skill training and linking with main stream for sustainability.

In the over of years since inception, CAST has gone through distinct phases of growth and evolved into an organization by proactively planning and restructuring as a response to changes in its context.


Although the NGO started working with women and children, soon expanded to work with other vulnerable communities such as rural artisans, the people affected with HIV/AIDS, women prostitution, aged and disadvantaged children, women disturbed emotionally, sexually abused & family discarded.

These vulnerable targeted people are taken care through various programmes and schemes of the State and Central Govt. to achieve the expected results and fulfill the planned objectives of such programmes.


Transforming the community to a Healthy Society.


  • Bringing together the marginalized
  • Building up their collective capacity
  • Creating demand for social actions
  • Enabling them to manage themselves
  • Empowering them with sustained system

The main objective of CAST is to address the need for self-employment opportunities particularly to women and to enhance the socio economic status of the women to achieve gender equality.